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Quotation Software

Our Quotation Software is a simple, easy to use, accessible from anywhere software. Whether you sell products or doing services, this software will be the ideal option to track your sales and services. Give Quotation, Raise Bill, Track Payments Received and Pending, Set Discounts, Set Taxes, Multiple user access and many more.

Quotation Software Features:

Accessible from any machine of office, home computer, laptop computer and even from your customer office computer. Just login, produce quotation and give instantly wherever you are.

Customers Master : Add your customer details, use the details in quotation, quotation and reminder print outs. Track customers who are not paid you.

Products / Service Master : Add products / items / services you provide. Just select the products you want to raise quotation in few mouse clicks.

Quotation : Raise Bill in few clicks. Just select the customer to whom you to give quotation. All the required fields will be automatically filled. Simply select the products you want to add in the quotation. All the calculations will be done automatically. Finally click the Save Button to see the print window. As easy as it is.

Quotation : Raise quotation as simple as raising quotation. Personalize your quotation with the person name, designation, department and covering text, conclusion text. Target your new customers professionally.

Write Description : Specific notes like terms and conditions or any other information can be written at the bottom of quotation or quotation.

Edit Option : Made a mistake in Quotation or Bill? No problem. Simply edit the quotation or quotation and generate new one.

Transaction : Get the completed report view of your sales, payments received and balance pending from the customer.

Reports : Complete reports for Bill, Quotation, Transaction, Payments Received, Payments Pending, Cancelled Bill, Caneclled Quotation, Reminders Sent, Next service due date. All reports are date based, you can search for specific date range like one week or one month or one year or as you wish.

Scalable - If not sufficient with the options, call us and we will be happy to include your own needs.

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