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Internet Hosting - FAQ

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How do I create an Internet Website for my business?
Frankly speaking, you can create a Website for yourself. Today, many ISP's and Web Presence Providers provide FREE or cheap internet hosting for website storage for either a single web-page or a small personal web-site. These web-pages and personal web-sites are easily constructed and not time consuming to complete.
However, if you are considering a business site, you will need the proper hardware, software, process knowledge and TIME to bring the Website to fruition, but this can be done. At Lion Archer Systems, we take care of all the technical details, process controls and time issues while the business person takes care of the objectives to be satisfied. This TEAM approach will be applied to our "Quickstep" implementations, up through and including, the most full-bodied Website Design, development, implementation, internet hosting and maintenance effort.

How will I use the Website?
A wise strategy when first starting out is to implement a relatively simple site, and then gradually expand it as your firm gains online experience. This allows you to determine what does and doesn't work as you build and improve your site.
You want visitors of the site to view your firm as highly professional, competent and customer-focused. This won't happen if you force them to navigate a morass of poorly designed web pages. When it comes to web design, quality must take precedence over quantity.
At a minimum, you will want the ability to communicate online with current and potential customers. Company brochures, press releases and basic email can be made available to all comers.
Beyond these basic interactive features, the possible applications for your website are virtually unlimited. In time you will develop a feel for them all. But remember--easy does it! Think things through. Rushing headlong down the information superhighway can be hazardous to your companies health. Besides, the web is no hit or miss proposition. It's a highly versatile, extremely powerful medium. It's safe to say the web is hear to stay!

Where can I find my competitors Web-Sites?
If your competitors have a Website you must first find out how it is identified (it's URL). Use your ISP connection and browser to link to the site you want to know more about. Once at the Website, you will be able to see what your competition is doing and how the business is positioned to take advantage of the Internet.
This is also a great way to see all the various approaches each business has taken to project itself "on the net". Use what you see for ideas. Believe me, some are great and some not so great.

Why doesn't everyone have a Website?
Answers to this question range from "My business is to SMALL to justify an Internet Website", "the costs of an Internet Website are too high" or "I don't know or care". Others, however, have created a world wide presence without regard to ROI, believing that if they are not on the net they will be left behind.
The Sircon Technologies specializes in small to medium sized business owners Website Development and can personalize and tailor the level of service and effort required based on business size. The resultant development and ongoing costs are always consistent with the business plan and we may agree that the Website cost is high and suggest alternative Website approaches. The ultimate decision resides with the business.

Who is qualified to help me create my Website?
Choose your web development partner carefully. There are many firms today who offer to create and hang web pages for a nominal fee. But eventually you'll want to revise, expand or otherwise enhance you web site. When you're ready to go to the next level, are these firm equipped to take you there?
Putting up your web site requires a certain set of skills, while developing rich content for your site involves a different type of expertise altogether. Promoting your web site demands yet another distinct skill set. We provide the framework, as well as the content and ongoing support required to assist you along the way.

Who is the Sircon Technologies?
The Sircon Technologies is a small business focused on providing Internet Consulting Services, Website Design, eCommerce Solutions, Intranet Applications design and implementations and ongoing maintenance efforts for the small to medium sized business community.

What are the next steps to take once my Website is active?
The natural progression of Website enhanced business requires that the businessperson take a few well published steps in support of this new capability. These steps require including the Website address on business cards, flyers, advertising, even your business checks. The more people know about your Website capability the more they will visit your business interactively and personally.

How will people find my Website?
Just as you can't expect the world to beat a path to your door if you have an unlisted address, you shouldn't expect them to find your web site if you don't publish it's whereabouts. Although you should be continuously promoting your web site for as long as you have one, it is particularly important to garner as much publicity as possible during your initial launch. That's when your chances of making a big splash are greatest. The bigger the splash, the greater will be the ripple-effect that carries news of your site far and wide.
Promoting your new web site typically involves several steps. From registering your domain name with various search engines, to notifying the news media (including web magazines that review new sites), to notifying your customers, vendors and other interested parties.
The specific course you adopt in promoting your web site depends largely on the nature of your company and it's existing communication programs, as well as your web site itself. Ultimately, you should treat the launch of your web site as you would the launch of an exciting new product or opening an new store -- with a great deal of enthusiasm and fanfare. There are many other forms of marketing and advertising your new web site.

How will I keep my Website up-to-date?
The need to continuously maintain your web site gives rise to a host of technical considerations. Should you purchase your own web server? If so, who will configure and operate this expensive bit of hardware? And what about security--will opening a web site expose you to breaches of your computer system by hackers or others? If not, on whose web server will you "hang" your company's web pages?
With the exception of Fortune 500 firms, most companies are well advised to leave the task of web site maintenance and security to an expert. Usually this will be an internet service provider or someone with equivalent knowledge and expertise.

This is not to say your firm should not take an active role in the supervising the maintenance of its web site. It certainly should! But most of your effort should be directing toward developing rich content for your site. After people make the initial visit, that are likely to return only if you make it worth their while. Perhaps they've come to your site seeking up-to-date information they can use. Give it to them! When it comes to building a successful web site, the importance of satisfying your target audience cannot be overemphasized. Never forget that on the web content is king!

When is the best time to update my Website with NEW information?
We can update your Website content whenever you want. We will take information for the update from an e-mail, fax or telephone call and apply the changes as soon as possible. The amount of change will determine the speed with which the changes can be applied (beware of redesign vs. content update).

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