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Our Methodical Approach

Our methodical approach to the business services is the result of a carefully assimilated process flow, which initiates from the preliminary proposal and extends well into the final stage when the actual product is released.


Proposal - Submit a preliminary project proposal

  • Outlining of customers goals and requirements
  • Identifying various project phases
  • Development of general guidelines and assumptions
  • Development of project work plan
  • Estimating schedule and budget

Pre-project Planning

  • Identifying core business market segment
  • Defining goals for the project
  • Development of business model
  • Market segment aggregation
  • Value chain integration

Project Assessment

  • Identification of solutions and services
  • Identification of features of products and services
  • Gather detailed customer requirements and project goals
  • Risk assessment, problem identification and alternative solution


  • Identify GUI concepts and functionality
  • Identify competing technologies
  • Identify product architectures, scaling
  • Develop GUI layouts and usage protocols
  • Develop content production scenarios


  • Present GUI, architecture, and content to customer
  • Refine requirements and design according to feedback
  • Update plans and specifications from refined design
  • Development of user end interfaces
  • Prototyping actual development solutions
  • Database design as per refined functional requirements
  • Integration of front-end and back-end
  • Testing of prototype against end users
  • Implement and assess the prototype
  • Present prototype and findings to customer
  • Solicit customer resolution of requirements as needed
  • Propose, implement, and assess new alternatives

Final Execution and Iterative Development

  • Refine requirements and design according to prototype findings
  • Update plans and specifications from refined requirements and design
  • Develop GUI and architecture frameworks
  • Progressively populate frame works with functionality
  • Development of project "builds"
  • Develop preliminary release procedures
  • Perform in-house testing of the product
  • Release alpha tested system to customer
  • Feedback from customer


  • Refine requirements and design according to alpha findings
  • Generate plans for release, distribution, feedback, and re-release
  • Develop final release procedures
  • Implement alpha modifications
  • Release and distribute beta system to beta testers
  • Implement beta fixes
  • Re-release beta system
  • Create and verify master copy of final release
  • Deliver master copy to customer

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